Psalm 23 Central Dot Com!Welcome to! The purpose of this website is to provide as much information and resources as possible regarding one of the most beloved Psalms of all time, Psalm 23. On this website you will find several different translations/versions of the 23rd Psalm, as well as a variety of commentaries to further enrich your study of this classic passage. Check out our collection of different resources below, and stay as long as you’d like!




I’ve collected every translation/version of Psalm 23 I could possibly find, and I add to this list as often as I come across new translations/versions. All of your favorites are here.


One of the most valuable items in any collection of Bible study tools is a good commentary on the Scriptures. I have included some of the most treasured commentaries on Psalm 23 available, and I believe these will really be a blessing to you.


Although this site is based in the U.S., I definitely don’t want to be insensitive to the demand for Psalm 23 in other languages. I have collected quite a few versions of Psalm 23 in some of the more popular languages including Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Arabic. I will continue to add to this page as I collect more alternate language versions.

Other Research & Analysis

Believe it or not, there are things about Psalm 23 that are not directly covered in any official Bible commentaries but can be found in other tools such as Bible dictionaries, Bible handbooks, etc. Most of the time these types of “nuggets” refer to the cultural or social customs of Old Testament times and so forth. Some of these items are absolutely fascinating, and I thought they would be very useful to include.

Phil’s Insights

While I don’t claim to be a Bible scholar, or a theologian, or anything close, I strive daily to be a student of God’s Word. I wanted to include some of the insights that I have received and developed over the years from my own personal studies, just as supplements to the other material on this site. Hope you enjoy them.


I’m still somewhat experimenting with this page, but the basic premise is that I’m collecting different videos that will allow you to see and hear various versions of Psalm 23. The videos will be part curated content and part original content, but all fun.