About psalm23central.comMy name is Phil. I’m a big fan of the Bible. I think it’s the most amazing piece of literature on the planet. It’s the number-one bestseller of all time, and for good reason—its message is timeless, plus its Author is pretty cool too. 🙂

As you can tell, I’m slightly fond of the 23rd Psalm. This website is actually somewhat of an experiment, based on an idea I had one day while searching Google for resources (commentaries, different translations, etc.) relating to Psalm 23. I realized that there really wasn’t any type of “central hub” for people to get all kinds of information regarding Psalm 23…you basically had to go all over the place, using multiple internet searches, to get a decent amount of varied information on this amazing Psalm.

Well, all of that has changed now.

My whole goal with this site is to provide as much information and resources as I possibly can for all things Psalm 23. I want to present several types of commentaries, insights, informational nuggets, etc. based on Psalm 23, with the goal of enriching your own personal understanding of this classic Psalm. I can imagine that everyone from ministers to college kids to serious Bible students will find quite a bit of useful material here.

So feel free to look around…my prayer is that this site will truly be a blessing to you.